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Automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for increased efficiency,faster time-to-market 
and reduced cost. Create, orchestrate and connect Digital components on-the-go with DevOps.

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We are having all the leading DevOps Tools in our DevOps Toolkit to automate and measure
the performance of your Delivery Pipeline



DevOps Consulting Services and

XenonStack provides DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions with Jenkins and Gitlab/Github for Continuous Integration , Deployment and Continuous Delivery
Pipeline. Devops Services Offering Includes Infrastructure Automation, Devops for
Databases, pipelines for Cloud-Native and Microservices Applications on Docker ,
Kubernetes and Knative

DevOps Services for Serverless as well as Containerised Enterprises applications for
continuous Delivery pipeline , Automated Deployment ,Devops analytics and Intelligence . Devops Solutions on Azure , Google cloud and AWS includes

  • DevOps Assessment Services
  • DevOps Automation Services
  • DevOps Strategy Services
  • Devops Pipelines for Serverless and
    Microservices applications
  • DevOps Managed Services

Source Code Management Tools

Everything we build can be expressed through code.

But when everything is the code you need to be sure that you can control and perform branching on it.

otherwise things could get chaotic. So to avoid that chaos we use SCM Tools that includes-

GitHub is a web-based Git or Version Control Repository
>> Gitlub

Gitlub provided Git Repository Management, Code Review, Issue Tracking, Activity Feed and Wikis.


Configuration Management Tools

Configuration Management is the process of standardizing resource configurations and enforcing their state across IT infrastructure in an automated yet agile manner.

>>Ansible – Simple IT Automation

Ansible is an agent less configuration management system which relies on SSH protocol.

>>Chef & Puppet

Chef and Puppet are agent-based configuration management system.


Continuous Monitoring DevOps Tools

The end goal of your monitoring is to consolidate tools, reduce the total cost of ownership, and automate the configuration Via Machine Learning.

>>Zabbix – Open Source Network Monitoring Tools

Monitoring is defined on different levels like a system, platform, application, etc.

Data-driven based monitoring is done with the help of Zabbix.

>> ELK (Elastic search, Log stash & Kibana ) Stack provides actionable insights in Real-Time
from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source.


Nagios data monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications and services.

It alerts users when things go wrong and alerts them a second time when a the problem has
been resolved.

DevOps Services

Overview of Jenkins Features

  • Integration with SCM Tools
  • Secret Management
  • SSH-Based Access Management
  • Scheduling and Chaining of Build Jobs
  • Source Code Change Based Triggers
  • Worker/Slave Nodes
  • Rest API Support
  • Notification Management

DevOps Troubleshooting

  • nc – Simple TCP proxies, shell-script based HTTP clients and servers, network daemon testing
  • netstat– Displaying the Routing Table
  • traceroute– Provides information about the number of routes present between source to destination
  • vmstat– Summary information on Memory, Processes, Paging, etc.
  • iostat – Gives Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices and partitions
  • lsof– List open files(Linux/Unix considers everything as files)
  • top– Provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system
  • nslookup– Query Internet domain name servers for information
  • ping – Packet Internet Groper
  • tcpdump– Dumps traffic on a network
  • dig – Domain Information Groper, for DNS lookup and to query DNS name servers
  • sar – Collect, report, or save system activity information
  • uptime – To get a snapshot of info about the servers time since the last reboot, and load
  • ifconfig – Configures or displays network interface parameters for a network by using TCP/IP
  • route – To show/manipulate the IP routing table

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