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Kubernetes Journey

ReactiveOps is a cloud-native infrastructure service that builds and manages reliable, scalable,
and secure Kubernetes infrastructure so businesses can focus on building great products.


Kubernetes Consulting Services – Driving Agility

Enterprises are today opting Cloud in order to improvise the operational efficiency using the strategy of Pay As you go and leverage the required hardware resources (CPU/GPU) for building the applications  which are Data and AI Driven .Applications are Containerised similarly the Microservices and Serverless architecture for keeping the agility and portability maintenance. Management of Services  and Container orchestration are led by Kubernetes.

Trinotech Solutions is known for the leading Kubernetes Consulting and Solutions provision to various Cloud friendly Application Development along DevOps Delivery pipeline ,Big Data Analytics that uses Apache Spark .

Trinotech Solutions provides Managed Kubernetes Services on various platforms  like Multi Cloud Platform on Azure , AWS and Private Cloud , Google Cloud and also

  • Infrastructure Readiness and
  • Container Application and
  • Deployment and Migration
  • MultiCloud Solutions
  • Serverless with Knative
  • Microservices and Container

We do not offer any typical distribution or  managed service.
Products and expertise are offered by our company to satisfy your unmatched visibility and control of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration that helps in automating the different application deployment, scaling, manage etc.


Clever Products

Ensure your conformance making a click. These brings new insights at fingertips. Easy provision of Back-up and Recovery


Community Projects

Thousands of Github stars in various projects


Customer Confidence

Proactive way of communication and also guidance provided by the company about Kubernetes decisions and related informations


Planet Scale

The principles are decided by the same manner as it happens in Google that runs billions of containers in a week. Here without an increase in the ops team Kubernetes can scale.

Never Outgrow

Whether it is a local testing or a global enterprise running , Kubernetes grows on the go with the customer so as to consistently deliver your applications without considering the complexity of your requirement.


Run Anywhere

Since Kubernetes is  an open source you are provided with the freedom of taking advantage  in on-premises, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure, which lets you without any effort move your workloads wherever it is.

What we do in Kubernetes Consulting

Enterprise Kubernetes Solutions are provided by our company.


Planning, Deployment and Managed Solutions

Trinotech Solutions gives its Services and solutions to Private Cloud. The major ones provided are the assessment and the the readiness in cloud Solutions. Also help is given when it comes to the point of building Cloud hosting and managing different services and solutions.


Design, Implement and Managed Kubernetes Solutions

Trinotech Solutions provides customized and enterprise level Kubernetes services . It has proven its experience in designing, managing and deploying cluster based container systems. Managed Kubernetes Services is a provision done by Kubernetes along with the assessment.


Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Solutions

Trinotech Solutions provides Private Cloud services and solutions. Our Offerings consists of the readiness check and assessment done in Cloud Solutions. We help to build Cloud hosting and managed services and solutions.


Databases, Big Data and MicroServices Solutions

Trinotech offers enterprise Kubernetes services and solutions. It also provide customized services for the customer and help to design, manage and deploy the cluster based containers systems. Managed Kubernetes Services are a highlight in our services. We also confirms a Kubernetes Assessment and also Readiness of our services that define capabilities.

Consumer-facing or enterprise-grade,
if you are READY to INNOVATE