Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

Network Infrastructure
and Security

At its core, an audit is done in company in terms of network security that can investigate different policies in the network and it may lead to a security compromise/breach.

Audio Video Integration

It is building up a level in order to simplify the communication combined with Audio and video equipment and that gives better listening experience.

Video Conferencing and
unified communication

Video conferencing services and unified communication solutions span IM, telephony, video, web, and AV rooms. All these are combined with diverse technologies into a seamless solution.

IPT infrastructure

The data network carries voice as well as data to make the use of firewalls and guard against unauthorised access to the network infrastructure and components.


Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management Services is focussed on digitization. Our practice drives in the creation of an adaptive framework after analyzing the requirement of client’s. This framework thus forms a convergence of many cognitive tools that will help our IT end-to-end client’s operations.

Facility Management

We offer Facility management services on Service Level Agreement (SLA) Model. It is made sure that the IT infrastructure is taken up and keeps it running by combining people, process and tools. Here we offer both, the On Site Management Services and also Remote Management Services.


Remote Management

We can consider an accessible remote service desk as a best solution against costly downtime. We have proven record in design, implementation, management, and maintainence at the service desks.


We being living in the age of dramatic progress in technology. Surveillance cameras and facial recognition monitor everything like the public, private spaces and identify people. We have imporvised imaging devices, communications eavesdropping systems, location-tracking technologies and new ways to collect all kinds of ever-more-granular data as individuals and their activities.

Door Access Control

Access control system is the one that provides security and gives flexible control that is allowed to premises.The high security areas use different access control systems: bio metric, RFID, door controllers and card readers etc. Each of these access points are controlled by the company requirement and here high security becomes necessary. Network security also is considered important in company, especially that handles sensitive data.

Center Monitoring

Environmental variables are tracked by effective monitoring system and alert admins the potential problem which becomes a critical emergency. We can all agree that this is seen as an important part of protecting a critical facility from the threats and it ranges from faulty equipment and environmental conditions to cyber intrusions.

Structured Cabling

We know that your business relies on efficient communications systems for networks, telephony and ICT systems. Our cabling consultation service is designed to help you choose the best solution for your building.

Local Area Networking

Local Area Networks (LAN) play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications within the company. These networks optimize the speed of communication as they run independently in the Internet.

Wide Area Networking

Wide are networks are telecommunication networks in a large geographical area .For network optimisation they are used. In the company we use WAN to relay data to clients from various locations all over the globe.

Firewall and UTM

Firewall leads in solutions made by a company to provide protection against its databases and therefore security is provided against harmful intrusions. UTM stands for Unified Threat Management. Deploying an UTM Appliance Firewall for the entire network is must in any IT Security policy. An Unified Threat Management UTM Appliance Firewall is used to protect from threats such as Spam, Phishing attacks etc. High Speed UTM Firewall has the ability to protect the entire network from incoming hacker or worm attacks.


Wireless networks are easy to set up also it is inexpensive. They’re also unobtrusive unless we are searching for a place that sees streaming movies , it can be even noticed when in a hotspot. It is the technology that permits information to travel over the air.

Data Center Solutions

It specifies the products and services needed to create and also to maintain a data centre. We provide such products like servers, routers, storage system and firewall. As more data and infrastructure are virtualized, more solutions that addresses the resources required for access and data protection in the cloud.

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    A network forms the hub of the organisation you are in. In the local network and amongst the networks it pass data. For the fine productivity of an organisation a fine network is an essential requirement. For an organisation at its heart you will have the Routing with Switching that connects the entire arterial path of the organisation or company. We have in Trinotech an array of such options for networking also a multitude of providers along with switching and routing product options by taking the challenge to choose the best choice for your company.



  • Fast, Reliable and Secure switching and Routing products

    Frontier helps in evaluating and choosing the switching and routing option in perfect way that suits your network. We have many OEM leads . Whatever be your need, let it be small or big as an enterprise we have the right option for you.

  • Expert installation and configuration

    We at Trinotech have so many years of experience in networking. We have also delivered several related projects. A team of experts who have experience in field and industry certifications work in the organisation. They follow the methodologies in a perfect manner. They handle installation and configuration for your products according to best practices having good performance. There are security audits conducted for the selcted option of switching and routing and this ensures that there is no chance of security vulnerabilities.  Also any such detected ones can be remediated.

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