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Containers are virtualisation provided at the operating system level  and here virtual layer runs within one OS making use of the same kernel as an application. There we do not do not need to make investment for extra servers and infrastructure required for applications deployment. These containers do have their process and network space of their own, but security not seem to be good as other OS level virtualization technology such as OpenVZ.

Docker Containers

Docker is an open source Linux tool that helps in easy and efficient creation and management of  containers. Docker is easily integrated with many infrastructures as Google Cloud Platform,  Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Container, Cloud Service, Puppet, Ansible, OpenStack, Chef, Jenkins, Salt and Vagrant.

Docker's Containers as a Service (CaaS) offers::


Agile methodology is followed that makes the developers privileged with the freedom to define the environment, quickly create and deploy applications , and also flexibility to IT Ops for quick response to change.



All the code owned from infrastructure to app and also to manage the IT Ops inorder to scale, secure and standardise the operating environment.



It  gives you the choice to avoid complexity, quickly from a laptop upto a team, to private infrastructure and public cloud provider.

Main use cases of Docker:

Modernize Traditional Application (MTA)

containerized applications are legacy apps that are
easily transformed into portable, more secure


Accelerate shipping code while unlocking developer innovation

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Drive secure automation and deployment at
massive scale

Data Science

Accelerate data analysis into actionable insights and outcomes

Docker Edge

Extend containers safely to the farthest reaches of your network

Docker Cloud Migration

Deliver Applications to Any Cloud, Anywhere

Digital Transformation

Drive innovation with your existing people,
processes and Docker

Key Features


Deployment of applications as a single
object as against a process of running
multiple programs

Layered file system

Ability to apply version control to
entire containers

Version Tracking

Built-in version tracking to track,
revert and view changes

Quick Turnaround

Availability of reusable


Allows sharing Docker containers on a
public registry

Begin your Docker Journey by Modernizing Traditional Application (MTA) img

Consumer-facing or enterprise-grade,
if you are READY to INNOVATE